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10 Things I Built from Wood this Summer (And You Can Too)

Hey everyone! This is Jeanette with I have been keeping busy this summer by learning and honing a new craft-WOODWORKING! I used to always wonder how my grandpa could spend so much time in his shop just piddling around. Now I understand. It has been so relaxing and rewarding to create and build these projects. I have kept myself from burning out (no pun intended) by doing a mix of big and little projects. Some of these are commissioned projects and some were given as gifts. It is always fun to hear people say "You did this!" So the following are some of the projects (my quarantine queations, HAHA!!!) I have been creating this summer:

The first table was a plan I used from I was looking for a unique farmhouse style coffee table and this fit the bill perfectly. The plan I used was on this link

The second table I have shown is another farmhouse style but with the x inside the frame. I found this one on the site. This was a simple build, even for a beginning to moderate worker like me and it came out super cool! The plans I used for this are on located here on this link

The mission style end table I did was originally only made with wood but I added a mosaic table top to really make it unique. The plans I used for this was located on the website. The link for that is located on this link

The fourth picture is a bench for a piano that is in the house. The original bench is somewhere in the great beyond. So I looked up plans for a basic bench and found the perfect one on I just used the bench part of the combo plan and it came out fantastic. I found the plans using the link

The other six creations were either from me eyeballing and making something custom or a hybrid of various projects built into one. The steps for the bathtub picture were custom made to cover an access hole for under the tub.

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning a new craft and can't wait to discover some new and wonderful projects. My sources for inspiration are from these wonderful websites I have shared and definitely Pinterest. I'll be back and adding more fabulous projects and paintings. Until then take care and have a great one!

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